Sonali Shetty
CEO and Managing Director

As a serial entrepreneur, Sonali has been a pioneer at the intersection of marketing and technology. Taking an ultra-collaborative approach, Sonali has been instrumental in delivering creative online and digital solutions for clients for 20 years. Sonali believes that every marketing success starts with a problem. Her blended expertise allows her to draw heavily on her deep knowledge of technology to build mobile and digital experiences that delight customers.

Sonali was an early innovator in the implementation of social technologies—her company was one of the first third-party app developers on Facebook. The projects she has led have garnered several awards and accolades including:

  • Governor’s Technology award
  • Mobile Excellence awards (finalist)
  • Countless media mentions in publications such as the LA Times and Richmond Magazine.

Sonali is extremely active in the IT community and is passionate about encouraging women and young girls to embrace careers in STEM fields. She is on the board of Richmond’s technology council (RichTech) and is a key catalyst for innovative programs like the annual Woman ETC conference and Techsters – a hands-on program for middle school girls.

Prior to embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Sonali worked at PeopleSoft and led several multi-year ERP implementations.

Sonali has a Master’s in Engineering (Bio-Medical) from Texas A&M University and an executive MBA from the College of William and Mary.