Jon Newman

After a combined 30+ year career as a broadcast journalist and public relations pro, it was only natural that Jon saw the “social media train” heading straight for his agency, The Hodges Partnership, a few years ago.  That led to a frantic Thanksgiving Day weekend where he spent most of his Black Friday friending on Facebook, immersing himself in Twitter and starting his blog which chronicled his social media learning journey.

Since then Jon has emerged as a social media thought leader, working with clients to grow their social engagement and merging that engagement with their communications and business goals.  The co-founding of Hodges Digital Strategies was a natural extension of this intersection of public relations, social media and the need to support the entire communications spectrum.

Jon married his passions for sports, communications and his alma mater, Rutgers University, through HDS’ creation of the Rutgers Athletics iPhone/iPad mobile app.  In addition to providing extensive information on the university’s sports teams, the app provides live coverage of about 200 games and events.  This allows Rutgers to connect with fans, recruits, student athletes and their families around the world.

Jon lives in Short Pump with his patient wife Kyra, his children Sarah and Zack, and their truffle dog, Mario.