The Bridal Bible App


Wedding planning just got a whole lot easier. Introducing a new app designed for easy communication and planning for bridal parties: The Bridal Bible.


Why The Bridal Bible?
The idea for the app actually blossomed from the convergence of two seemingly-unrelated components of my life: the professional need to test app developement software, React JS, and my personal involvement with tons of weddings this past year! As someone who has been in a few weddings, I know first-hand that planning for the big day is not an easy, stress-free task. Sending mass e-mails is more one-sided than you’d think, and forget about creating group messages or Facebook events…it’s all just too much to keep track of. So, The Bridal Bible was born. Here’s how the app will work:


The Tools

The goal of The Bridal Bible app is to provide an easy-to-use interface and work space for the whole bridal party at the touch of a finger. Once you’re in the app, you’ll be able to communicate with everyone involved including the bride herself. The design of the app is super user friendly making communication with your gals easy as cake. The Bridal Bible will be your new way of staying on track and getting quick responses from the other members on things such as which dress color to pick, what shoes to buy and so on. The best part about communication is that it yields action. Here are a few of the features included in the app:


Synced Group Calendar

Instant messenger

Budget Tracker



So no more mass e-mail chains, Facebook pages and hard to follow group texts. The Bridal Bible is here to keep your bridal party communication #flawless. The app is essential for staying organized and to keep all of your planning and communication in one place, available at any time.


Coming soon to an app store near you, stay tuned.




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