Wedding planning just got a whole lot easier. Introducing a new app designed for easy communication and planning for bridal parties: The Bridal Bible.   Why The Bridal Bible? The idea for the app actually blossomed from the convergence of two seemingly-unrelated components of my life: the professional need to test app developement software, […]

  As the global work-force ages, companies are facing a unique challenge.  How do you transfer the knowledge that their senior workers have gained through years of experience?  How can that knowledge be presented to the You Tube generation, in a way that they prefer? And finally, how do you keep up with the content […]

  Before you get other ideas, this is about our exploration on improvising the date picker UI on a mobile app. We wanted to try out a pattern that we’ve not come across before. It needed to be simple yet intuitive and needed to match our specific requirement of “increased input speed”. Here’s the backstory. […]

Ben Evans makes a reasoned case for inverting our concept of what the Internet is – with Mobile becoming the universal internet device, and desktop becoming the more limited version.  In this fascinating blog-post, he quotes several facts to support his case, including:   1. People use their mobile devices constantly (not just when they […]

  • By Samantha Stevenson
    On 8th September, 2015
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Welcome Sam!   We are incredibly excited to welcome our newest Director of Digital Delivery Sam Stevenson! Sam will be helping us with external and internal account management as well as client management. Sam Stevenson Bio: For the past three years Sam has focused on multi-channel marketing concepts and the importance of the emotional connection […]

Happy Birthday hD – you are now a kindergartner.  Hodges Digital, aka hD was born five years ago, out of a desire to capitalize on the explosive growth of social technologies.  The past five years have been a roller coaster ride, and I have learnt a ton.  Running a small business has been one of […]

Designing a watch UI was a first for our team. What better platform to start on than the one made by Apple? It’s hard to believe that this small device is now actually going to interact with us in ways that we could only imagine a few summers ago. Designing an app for an unreleased […]

  When we asked ourselves if we should design an app for the Watch our initial response was simple: of course! We saw it as an opportunity to get our hands dirty in uncharted territory. We are at our best when we give ourselves a challenge and dive in head first. Designing a watch app […]

The importance of mobile-friendly material increases exponentially year after year, yet there are still many holes when it comes to creating digital content that is appealing to the consumer. “Mobile ad spend will increase to $41.9 billion by 2017” (source)–which is a significant jump from the $18 billion spent in 2014. Because of this projected increase, the […]

People often ask us how we work across multiple timezones so seamlessly. This blog-post reveals some of our secret sauce. We usually work on multiple projects at a time. We have trello boards full of things to do, bugs to fix and features requests. These are usually assigned to specific people. This gets moved to […]

“Don’t you want your window to the world to reflect the best in your organization?” We challenge our clients with statements like this all of the time. But we have a confession – we’ve been like the cobbler’s kids. All of our good advice has been reserved for our favorite people – our clients. Well, […]

  Ever since 1979 when Sony released its first Walkman cassette player, the company has been one of the leaders in the tech industry. Sony’s diverse product line ranges anywhere from home audio and home theaters, to video cameras, to its coveted Playstation system as well as its own record label, Sony Music Entertainment. Although […]